DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer

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Convert your Android into a set of decks


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DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer is a music mixing tool that lets you convert your Android device (the app is specially optimized for Nexus) into an authentic miniature mixer.

The application allows you to explore your entire music library and use any music file on the decks. Once they’re loaded, you will find more than a dozen different options at your disposal: sound effects, equalizers, samples, etc, all easily within reach.

DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer can record your sessions 'on the fly' while you create them. So, by having this option activated, you can save the session to your device’s memory.

DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer is a powerful mixing tool that lets users go from being a nobody to becoming a superstar DJ in a flash. C’mon, do it, mix.
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The app gives you the option to buy 'skins' for the decks and mixer, but all the important features are available.


Requires Android 2.2 or above